Your data

The data you provide to this portal is crucial to the work of Community Energy England, Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy Wales. Our State of the Sector research published via our annual UK-wide report provides an opportunity to:

  • highlight the achievements of the community energy sector.
  • make a positive case for its role in the Net Zero transition.
  • play a crucial role in influencing government policy and other key sector decision makers.

Data you provide using this portal is stored securely and is only directly accessible by verified users of your organisation and staff members from Community Energy England, Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy Wales who are responsible for administering the portal and/or working to deliver the research project.

Data you provide will be anonymized, collated and used in our annual UK-wide State of the Sector report alongside a separate state of the sector report for Wales funded by the Welsh Government. 

Any personal data will be stored in accordance with UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 (‘Data Protection Law’). We may share some detailed, but only non-personal, data with other carefully vetted community energy research projects. We hope that this reduces the need for repeated research engagement and surveying of community energy organisations in line with feedback we receive from practitioners in the sector.

The personal data that we collect:

  • full name
  • email address

We will only use your personal details to communicate with you about our State of the Sector research. This might take the form of emails to:

  • notify when our annual campaign commences and to ask you to update your data ahead of a specific deadline.
  • invite you to attend State of the Sector related events or meetings.
  • notify you of the publication of any State of the Sector research outputs.